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Sustainable manufacturing

Pioneering sustainable
semiconductor manufacturing

Addressing the carbon impact of semiconductor manufacturing

Electronics is globally one of the world’s most polluting industries. Semiconductors have overtaken the automotive sector in overall carbon footprint, with the world’s largest chip producer now producing more CO2 than General Motors.

Semiconductor manufacturers have the opportunity to expand their capabilities and respond to increasing demand to decarbonise their manufacturing operations. This complex challenge requires significant effort, investment, and creative thinking – however, now is the time for the industry to think smarter and position sustainability at the core of its operations.


of global consumers believe businesses should prioritise responsible production and consumption of goods and services


of emissions from a smartphone come from the microprocessors inside the device


of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the manufacturing sector


of semiconductor emissions come from the manufacturing process

White paper: Intelligent Low-Carbon Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing White paper

Pragmatic is committed to working with industry leaders to create innovative techniques that decrease carbon emissions, improve resource efficiency and productivity while driving down the carbon emissions of semiconductor manufacturing. This white paper explains our world-leading approach to making our semiconductor manufacturing process more sustainable with the help of Industry 4.0 knowhow.

Download here (PDF)

White paper: Life Cycle Analysis of Pragmatic FlexICs

Sustainable Manufacturing White paper

This white paper looks at the life cycle analysis of Pragmatic’s primary product, the FlexIC. It explores why low carbon electronics are poised to play a significant role in implementing the ubiquitous Internet of Things. The paper reports our forecasted environmental footprint and highlights our ongoing efforts to minimise this further through advances in intelligent low-carbon manufacturing.

Download here (PDF)

Report: Advancing semiconductor sustainability

Pragmatic is revolutionising semiconductor fabrication with ultra-low cost, flexible integrated circuit technology that makes it quick and easy to embed intelligence almost anywhere. With rapid cycle times that substantially accelerate time to market, our foundry provides high-volume fabrication at a fraction of the cost of silicon, and with significantly lower environmental impact.

This report describes how our revolutionary manufacturing process is leading the way in advancing semiconductor sustainability.

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The next-generation of sustainable flexible electronics
Pragmatic’s unique flexible electronics technology can be leveraged to enable smart reusable packaging at scale.
Pragmatic reinvents integrated circuit manufacturing for the mass market
Producing ultra-thin and flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) at a fraction of the time and cost of silicon ICs.
An introduction to Pragmatic
Pragmatic is a world leader in ultra-low-cost flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) which extend electronics beyond the realm of traditional silicon ICs.

Pragmatic leads £2.4 million project to develop sustainable manufacturing technologies

Accelerating innovation in smart sustainable manufacturing technologies

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Pragmatic Park presents a new future for UK semiconductor manufacturing

The first large-scale UK semiconductor manufacturing facility

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We are driven by our goals to operate sustainably and responsibly for all our stakeholders. We strive to ensure everything we do will preserve and protect our environment, care and include our people, and be fair and trusted as an organisation.

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