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Environmental, Social and Governance

At Pragmatic, we take ESG
seriously. Our commitments,
framework and steering group
are led by our CFO.

Pragmatic is driven by its goals to operate sustainably and responsibly for all our stakeholders. The company is deeply focused on our ESG framework as we strive to ensure everything we do will preserve and protect our environment, care and include our people, and be fair and trusted as an organisation. Our ESG mission statement reflects this. More than 10% of our workforce actively participate as volunteers in a cross-company, cross-gender, multi-cultural steering group. Each pillar of our E-S-G framework has an appointed champion, leading dedicated teams to define and run multiple projects and programmes, making positive impact right across our business.

Rian UrdingGroup Chief Financial Officer

Our ESG Mission

Pragmatic will preserve and protect, care and include, be fair and trusted.

Our ESG Vision

To be recognised as a world leader in the electronics manufacturing sector for environmental, social and governance practices.

Creating a more sustainable future

“Our company aspiration is simple: to enable as many innovative people as possible to design and manufacture products that solve the global problems we face everyday. As a team, we are enthusiastic about everything we do and work hard towards ambitious targets to improve the world by enabling a dramatically new approach to electronics that opens up markets not accessible with conventional semiconductor devices.” – Scott White, Executive Director Strategic Initiatives.

In all that we do, we endeavour to be a force for good that creates long-term value for all our stakeholders. This includes innovating both in terms of the products we offer and in their manufacturing such that we have a positive impact on everything and everyone around us. We look to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide us.

Creating a more sustainable future for our descendants is not a simple task, it will require a wide range of innovations, some of which we have not even thought about yet. We strive to engage with thought leaders that generate novel ways of using our technology to deliver solutions and we continue to be excited about the possibilities ahead. Here we outline just a few of the areas in which we are already making progress.

Circular Economy applications

Discover how our unique Flexible IC technology enables a multitude of applications including creating a more circular economy, enabling more traceability and sustainable agriculture.

Circular Economy applications

Creating sustainable semiconductor production

We demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing and business process integrity by ensuring that we always adhere to the highest possible standards. All our sites are certified to the ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management international standard. Our accreditation to this standard is testament of our commitment to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and cut waste management costs throughout all our processes.

Pioneering sustainable semiconductor manufacturing

Pragmatic is committed to addressing the carbon impact of semiconductor manufacturing, working with industry leaders to create innovative techniques that decrease carbon emissions, improve resource efficiency and productivity, and achieve net zero semiconductor manufacturing.

We’ve produced two white papers; the first exploring our world-leading approach to making our manufacturing process more sustainable and the second looking at the life cycle analysis of our primary product, FlexICs.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Developing sustainable manufacturing technologies

Read about our £2.4 million INSPIRE project.

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Read our insight in how RFID technology can help.

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