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Track and trace across logistics and supply chains

As distribution operations become increasingly complex, real-time, item-level visibility becomes ever more important. From picking and packing to transport and delivery, the ability to monitor the location and status of goods is essential for transparency and efficiency. But due to cost, track and trace has typically been reserved for high-value items.  

Pragmatic is revolutionising track and trace with ultra-low-cost, flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) that make it quick and easy to embed intelligence almost anywhere.

Enabling track and trace

Our technology creates new opportunities in track & trace by making individual packaging items connected and intelligent. Our low-cost, flexible and durable ICs enable traceability throughout the distribution chain, ensuring accurate logistics management at scale.

→ NFC & RFID tags enable automated tracking of individual process steps

→ Flexible ICs and tags make it possible to track items of any shape

→ Robust ICs remain secure and intact throughout transit

→ Stakeholders and customers can directly engage with items

→ Low-carbon ICs leave minimal environmental footprint

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Providing item-level visibility

Our technology enables item-level visibility from the factory door to the end customer. This helps to improve accuracy of shipments and deliveries, reducing shrinkage and improving customer satisfaction. Find out more in the short animation.

Track and trace applications

Tracking items for distribution


Accurately tracking and tracing individual items in large scale logistics operations can be difficult, with a high chance of traditional bar code labels being damaged in transit and manual scanning leaving room for error.


RFID identification tags enable automated scanning at scale at each stage of the process, ensuring reliable visibility of parcels and packages throughout delivery and return.

→ Item-level visibility from factory door to end customer

→ Reduced shrinkage

→ Improved customer satisfaction

Supply chain management


In an era of just-in-time deliveries, there is no room for supply chain errors – inventory must be carefully managed to ensure an efficient fulfilment process and to satisfy customer expectations.


By providing insights into the condition and location of goods in transit, FlexICs allow prediction of supply deficits and operational bottlenecks, enabling accurate management of stock levels across the distribution chain.

→ Prediction of supply deficits

→ Streamlined return logistics

→ Inventory management at scale

Tracking medical samples and equipment


Hand counting surgical instruments and samples can be slow, affecting turnaround times and labour costs. Efficiency can further be compromised by incorrect instrument lists, untrained personnel, or time constraints.


Unique, per-item RFID identification tags enable quick and accurate inventory tracking, and help avoid ‘never events’.

→ Tampering, diversion and counterfeiting prevention

→ Verification of origin and integrity

→ Reliable traceability at scale

Tracking product disposal


The Tyre Recovery Association processes over 40 million used tyres a year. But tracking tyres at end of life isn’t easy, so they may not be disposed of or valorised effectively.


Adding NFC tags at the point of collection allows information to be digitally recorded at each stage of the tyre’s journey. The location and agent responsible for the waste management process can then be tracked.

→ Documented product history from manufacture to end-of-life

→ Compliance with regulatory requirements

→ Accurate recall of damaged or contaminated goods

A Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a way of gathering and storing data on a product and its supply chain. Find out how our FlexICs can play a key role in DPP by tracking items and materials at every stage, from manufacturing through to consumer use and beyond.

Sustainable manufacturing

Our new white papers looks at the emissions profile of semiconductor manufacturing, and its impact on the carbon footprint of smart products.

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Recoup: Reusability by Design

Pragmatic features in the latest report by Recoup, ‘Reusability by Design’. Read the chapter featuring our technology below.

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Pragmatic leads TRACE project

Read about the TRACE project we are leading to digitise reusable packaging with our ultra-low-cost NFC technology.

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Circular economy applications

Find out more about how our unique Flexible IC technology enables a multitude of applications.

Circular economy

Transitioning to smart reusable packaging

Did you know 40.5% of plastic production in Europe is solely destined for plastic packaging? Find out how our unique flexible integrated circuit technology can help manufacturers make reusable packaging at scale a reality.

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