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Blogs - February 28, 2022

Women working in science to create a better future

At Pragmatic Semiconductor we have a growing group of enthusiastic engineers working towards our goal of enabling electronics in everyday items. We are proud that many of our team are women who have chosen to progress their careers with us. We asked several of our female engineers to share their thoughts about studying and now working in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths).

Building a better future

Jeanne Wicart, Test Development Engineer: “For me, science brings improvements to our society and contributes to a better future for people. I really wanted to be part of this progress, that’s why I started to study science and chose to become an engineer. All along my studies, there were very few women, especially in my master’s degree department. I am delighted to work at Pragmatic because there are so many talented women to work with. I feel women can bring a lot to this industry.”

Exploring and learning each day

Aimee Wyatt, Materials Scientist: “The constant learning, discovery and challenge of the sciences made it an easy decision to pursue through to college, but if it hadn’t been for the enthusiasm, encouragement and belief from my chemistry teacher, I would probably have taken an entirely different path. Working at Pragmatic I still get to enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of exploring and learning each day. To be able to collaborate with like-minded people, who share the same enthusiasm and passion is exciting.”

Developing novel technology

Anthi Krili, RF Engineer: “I hold a masters’ degree as an electrical and computer engineer. Shortly after my graduation I joined Pragmatic as an RF Engineer. From a very young age I was curious about how devices work and what is the physics behind it. That is the reason that I chose an engineering college. I think that nowadays women have significant power and influence in the development of technology and in shaping strategy. I feel really excited to be in a position where my work can influence future developments.”

Making a difference

Jessica Hall, Process Development Engineer: “My interest in science began in school where I developed a keen enthusiasm for physics. I went on to pursue this interest in further education, gaining an honours degree. From here, I began my professional career in the semiconductor industry. As a woman in science, I feel proud to see more women entering such an interesting field of study and making huge accomplishments. Women have a breadth of skills which benefit science and I hope that more women feel encouraged to pursue these routes in the future.”

Reaching potential

Here at Pragmatic we have female engineers in senior leadership roles and we are committed to supporting women in their careers, by helping to develop their skills with ongoing training and encouraging them to reach their potential. 

If you would like to join us please visit our careers page.


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