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Blogs - February 7, 2024

Pragmatic celebrates National Apprenticeship week 

National Apprenticeship Week shines a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.  

Apprentices have a vital role to play in Pragmatic’s growth, and we are lucky to count many talented young people as participants in our apprenticeship scheme. To celebrate their contribution to our business, we share the experiences of three young people who have become an indispensable part of their respective teams. 

Maddison Atkinson, People Apprentice 

“My journey as a People Apprentice at Pragmatic so far has been great. Each day presents new opportunities for growth and learning.  

“Pragmatic fosters an environment where learning and development are encouraged, contributing towards my continuous development and knowledge within Human Resources.  

“I really enjoy learning on the job while working towards my qualification.” 

Sadie Dickinson, Apprentice Engineer 

“As a current apprentice at Pragmatic, I have had an amazing experience so far. I’ve been trusted to undertake key projects, such as designing and building a ‘golden wafer’ printed circuit board, providing a benchmark for selected production parameters that are critical to achieving key process development milestones. 

“I’m surrounded by people that are always willing to support me when I need a helping hand and are happy to share their experiences with me. I’m confident that this will help my progression towards becoming an engineer.” 

Joseph Bousfield, Shift Equipment Technician 

“I started as an apprentice back in September 2019, within the maintenance team. During the three-year course, I garnered a great understanding and appreciation of the world of semiconductors, while watching Pragmatic grow and develop as a company.  

“From the start, I always felt like a trusted and valued member of the team. In fact, after my apprenticeship finished, I wanted to continue my employment with Pragmatic, and took a role as a technician.  

“To me, the main benefit of choosing an apprenticeship is the opportunity to use the qualifications you have achieved and apply them to real world problems, gaining valuable workplace experience and transferable skills. And you do it all while earning a regular wage!” 


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