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Blogs - September 30, 2019

How can cutting-edge research in flexible electronics address real world challenges?

Feras Alkhalil

How can cutting-edge research in flexible electronics address real world challenges? Dr Feras Alkhalil, Director of Research and Development, describes his work at Pragmatic and explains why being part of our mission to enable intelligence and interactivity in everyday objects is so rewarding.

A positive impact

I joined the R&D team at Pragmatic in 2015. Over the past few years I have seen the company go through significant growth developing its ground-breaking technology and bringing this to market. It has been an exciting journey! 

Pragmatic is in a unique position, pioneering an innovative approach in electronics manufacturing and generating novel market opportunities for low-cost flexible Integrated Circuits (ICs), with a mission to enable intelligence and interactivity in everyday objects.

It’s rewarding to know that what we are doing has diverse applications in a wide range of markets. Most importantly, our innovative technology positively impacts on important global challenges, such as waste reduction, increasing recycling and protection against counterfeit goods.

Collaboration is key

One of the key aspects of my role is focused on translating research into real world solutions. What I enjoy most about working at Pragmatic is that on a daily basis we are interacting with different organisations and institutions across the UK and globally. We leverage industrial and academic collaborations through joint industrial development programmes, public funded projects, and various research and development activities. We have strong links with numerous research institutes and academic groups to advance the understanding underpinning the technology, research new materials, develop novel device architectures and investigate the latest fabrication techniques. These close collaborations are key in transforming advanced knowledge into innovative technologies.

At Pragmatic we have a highly skilled, passionate and driven team from diverse backgrounds. We have employees from over a dozen countries, covering 5 continents. The company culture is one that promotes an open and collaborative environment where everyone’s input is valued. I feel fortunate to work in such an innovative and inspiring place, with a talented and dedicated team all focused on reinventing electronics to address real world challenges.


Dr Feras Alkhalil leads the Research team at Pragmatic. He holds an MSc and PhD from the University  of Southampton in Microelectronics System Design and Solid State Electronics, respectively. Previously, he worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton developing quantum computing architectures with partners in the UK and Japan. He also held a lectureship in Solid State and Semicondutor Physics at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus. Feras has been a visiting fellow at the Durham University Department of Physics since September 2017.

Next steps

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