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Delivering flexible innovation – fast

Our revolutionary foundry service takes flexible integrated circuits from tape-out to delivery in just weeks, at a fraction of the cost of silicon semiconductors.

Using thin-film transistor (TFT) technology in combination with conventional semiconductor processing equipment, our state-of-the-art 300mm wafers deliver the world’s most complex flexible circuits, which can be shaped to a millimetre-range radius of curvature without impairing functionality.

By omitting the most resource-intensive parts of traditional production processes, our unique, silicon-free fabrication achieves production cycle times of less than 48 hours. It also consumes significantly less water and energy – making Pragmatic one of the most sustainable semiconductor manufacturers in the world.

Academic and research institutions


Full and multi-project wafer runs are available via EUROPRACTICE, our official partner for academic and research institutions.


Custom ICs

Whether you’re looking to optimise costs or leverage FlexICs’ innovative form factor, our agile approach to IC development will help you achieve design success – fast.

Our cost-effective FlexIC Foundry® services take designs from tape-out to delivery within weeks, slashing product development cycle times. This rapid scale up enables early end-user testing – reducing project risk – and accelerates time to market.

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Semiconductor ICs

Foundry of the future

Watch the short video to find out more about our FlexIC foundry at Pragmatic Park, delivering 300mm wafers in just four weeks.

Key features of FlexIC Foundry

Low-cost, high volume production

Production cycle times of
<48 hours

Tape out to delivery in just weeks

Low NRE costs

PDK compatible with industry standard EDA tools

Standard cell library

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