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Pragmatic FlexICs


Cost-effective, scalable fabrication

Semiconductors are critical components in just about every area of industry, but recent shortages of wafer materials have threatened the resilience of established international supply chains.

Fab-as-a-Service (FaaS) is Pragmatic’s unique solution for the future of distributed semiconductor manufacturing, providing the most attainable route to semiconductor sovereignty and cost-effective, scalable fabrication.  

FaaS flexes to meet your business needs: rent a dedicated line for the duration of a project or buy your own fully managed ‘Fab-in-a-Box’.

Pragmatic Fab as a Service


The compact, self-contained design of the Fab-in-a-Box means it can be located exactly where it’s most needed, enabling consistent, localised, high-volume commercial production, irrespective of global shortages.

Requiring 100 times less capital expenditure than a silicon fab, and with 100 times faster process cycle time, the Fab-in-a-Box includes all the required process tools to deposit and pattern multiple high-quality material layers, integrated with a robotic wafer handling system inside a self-contained clean environment.  

Detailed material recipes, end-to-end process flows, in-line quality monitoring and feedback control loops are implemented within the equipment and automation software to ensure reliable production without operator intervention.


Why choose Fab-in-a-Box?

Fully managed service

Small physical footprint

No clean room necessary

White paper: Intelligent Low-Carbon Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing White paper

This white paper explains Pragmatic’s world-leading approach to making our semiconductor manufacturing process more sustainable with the help of Industry 4.0 knowhow.

Download (PDF)

White paper: Life Cycle Analysis of Pragmatic’s FlexICs

Sustainable Manufacturing White paper

This white paper looks at the life cycle analysis of the FlexIC and explores why low carbon electronics are poised to play a significant role in implementing the ubiquitous Internet of Things.

Download (PDF)

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