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Lower cost, lower carbon RFID

Develop next-generation RFID inlays

Our low cost, low carbon FlexICs have the potential to open up RFID opportunities in a far wider range of mass market applications. We’re offering label assemblers and converters our in-house Tag Assembly Line (TAL) resource to develop RFID inlay proofs of concept powered by our FlexIC technology.

Video: Introducing our in-house TAL service

Develop next-generation RFID inlay proof-of-concepts powered by our unique FlexIC technology.

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About FlexICs

FlexICs – flexible integrated circuits – are a low-cost, low carbon, flexible alternative to traditional, silicon-based microchips.

FlexICs make it quick and easy to embed intelligence almost anywhere. Ultra-thin and highly cost-effective, they enable novel solutions that are simply not possible with conventional silicon semiconductors.

Perfect for bringing intelligence to low-cost items as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) – or anywhere ‘tiny technology’ is needed – FlexICs excel in applications such as smart packaging, recycling and reuse, traceability and product authentication.

FlexIC products

Enabled by FlexICs, discover our ultra-low-cost NFC products for RFID systems, alongside the key features, benefits and applications of our unique, ultra-thin, flexible integrated circuits.

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Sustainable manufacturing

Our new white papers looks at the emissions profile of semiconductor manufacturing, and its impact on the carbon footprint of smart products.

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