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RFID/NFC enabled by FlexICs

Ultra-low-cost, flexible, robust and durable

Enabling intelligence and connectivity

Pragmatic offers an innovative technology which provides digital solutions across a wide variety of applications. Our flexible integrated circuits (known as FlexICs), bring cost-effective item-level digital traceability and interactivity to everyday objects. This brings a host of benefits to brands and consumers alike.

Brand owners need to change the way they connect with their customers. The multiple online channels that we all use to engage with products have a significant impact on how brands interact with their consumers. 

Many brands across diverse sectors, such as consumer goods, personal care items and pharmaceuticals have been exploring digital solutions to help them create a connection between physical products and the digital world. Bridging the gap by reaching out directly to the end customers gives Brands more control over how they engage their customers. Brand owners can now build trust across their portfolio, including proof of provenance, authenticity and building loyalty, whilst providing other in-depth details about the product.

Linking products to interactive, dynamic, personalised data which can be accessed by smartphones or other devices, significantly improves consumer engagement and satisfaction.  Equally, there are many benefits when adding unique identities to everyday items for supply chain optimisation. These include inventory reduction, counterfeit detection and grey market prevention. Couple this with the addition of sensing capabilities in the future, and this will enable the condition of goods to be monitored across the entire product lifecycle.

Inlay manufacturers

We have reinvented electronics for mass market applications. Our unique technology platform delivers ultra-low-cost flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs). These flexible integrated circuits are thinner than a human hair that can easily be embedded into any object.

FlexICs are a fraction of the cost compared to conventional silicon-based ICs. They are perfect for integration onto multiple substrates, including paper, as they require only single layer antennas. This makes them ideal for introducing intelligence and interactivity into everyday items and extends to the Internet of Everything – ultimately enabling trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments.

We work closely with leading industrial partners to ensure that inlay (tag) manufacturers and converters can easily migrate their traditional integration tools and production lines to incorporate our FlexICs. We are developing strong relationships with these partners and are always looking for new partners.

Our ground breaking FlexIC products are being adopted by global companies across diverse markets, including consumer goods, games, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Each FlexIC is encoded with a unique identifier at the time of manufacture, so the inlay manufacturer or converter does not have to programme it during their production. All that is required is to associate the unique ID with the product in the database. This can also be achieved at full line speed as our FlexICs can be read in less than 5ms.

FlexIC products

Key features

– Ultra-low cost
– Thin, flexible and robust
– Fast read times
– Customisable data format
– 13.56 MHz frequency
– Energy harvesting
– Easy to assemble

Key benefits

– Ideal for mass market items
– Suitable for paper and plastics
– Embedded within labels and packaging
– Low environmental impact
– No battery required
– NFC minimises cost


– Fast moving consumer goods
– Circular economy
– Supply chain traceability
– Authentication
– Healthcare and medical
– Authentication
– Toys and games

RFID Ecosystem

Our partners are key to our success. Collaborations range from ground-breaking research, to practical implementation, to enabling brand owners to realise the benefits of introducing connectivity into their products.

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Brand owners and converters

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