Our technical papers

PragmatIC’s technical experts work closely with partners both in industry and in world renowned research institutes in order to drive forward the technologies that underpin our novel products. Where appropriate, we make this information public at conferences and in technical publications, a selection of which are shown here.

Nature Electronics 2020

A hardwired machine learning processing engine fabricated with submicron metal-oxide thin-film transistors on a flexible substrate.

Optical Society of America 2019 

Copper micro-electrode fabrication using laser printing and laser sintering processes for on-chip antennas on flexible integrated circuits. 

Physics World 2018

Flexible, low-cost integrated circuits could transform the market for “smart” devices and packaging.

lnnoLAE Conference 2020

Low cost thin film Schottky diode architecture for flexible electronics applications.

The Electrochemical Society 2018

Quantitative analysis of depletion regime charges in a pristine amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (a-IGZO) based Thin Film Transistors (TFTs).

ESTC Conference 2018

Thermosonic-Adhesive (TS-A) integration of flexible integrated circuits on flexible plastic substrates.