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Press releases - June 20, 2019

Baoshen, a leading Chinese packaging company, joins growing list of customers for Pragmatic’s flexible integrated circuits

Baoshen will be presenting its new BSN Eprint products at RetailX, Chicago this month

Pragmatic, a world leader in ultra-low-cost flexible electronics, is pleased to announce that BSN, part of the Baoshen Group, has placed an order for its recently released ConnectIC products. This adds to an already strong order book for Pragmatic’s unique flexible integrated circuits that are the ideal solution for adding intelligence to mass-market consumer goods and packaging.

Founded in 1988, Baoshen Group is one of China’s leading packaging material suppliers for footwear, apparel, bags, furniture, cosmetics and accessories. They have an annual capacity of 7 billion print items and 1 billion RFID labels. BSN’s new Eprint line of RFID products are focused on anti-counterfeit solutions for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), online sales and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as consumer engagement and experience.

“We are delighted to build a relationship with Baoshen Group”, said Scott White, CEO of Pragmatic. “This new order for our novel ConnectICs re-enforces the attractiveness of our solutions to global companies who are enabling brands to protect their marque and connect with their customers.”

ConnectICs are targeted at market segments such as food and beverage, personal and home care, pharmaceutical and healthcare. With their thin and flexible form factor, they are suitable for plastic or paper inlays which will be imperceptible when added to labels or packaging. With integrated energy harvesting and designed for use with single layer antennas, ConnectICs are designed to minimise total system cost.

“We see rapidly growing demand in Asian markets for solutions to protect brands and consumers from counterfeit products both in store and online”, said Philip Calderbank, RFID Consultant at BSN. “Pragmatic’s ultra-low-cost technology will enable us to roll out solutions to a much wider range of market segments than possible with conventional electronics.”

Pragmatic is continuing to ramp production in the UK through 2019 to meet the demand for its products and working with industry leading partners to ensure that ConnectICs can be easily deployed in high-volume applications.

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About Pragmatic Semiconductor 

Pragmatic Semiconductor is a leader in semiconductor innovation, creating ultra low cost, ultra thin, flexible integrated circuits (‘electronic chips’).

Pragmatic’s chip is produced without silicon, using thin-film semiconductors to create flexible integrated circuits that are thinner than a human hair, and are significantly cheaper and faster to produce than silicon chips. This provides a compelling alternative for many mainstream electronics applications, as well as enabling new applications not possible with silicon.

Pragmatic’s chips can be embedded into almost anything, bringing connectivity and intelligence to everyday objects. Example applications include radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communications (NFC) giving objects unique digital identities as well as enabling objects to interact with their environment. This has benefits across the entire product lifecycle, including inventory reduction, traceability, counterfeit detection, proof of provenance, and customer interaction. Pragmatic’s technology can also be used to help reduce food waste, improve the return and recycling of singleuse packaging, and enable item-level traceability within a universal system for recapture, sorting, cleaning, and return.

Our foundry service uniquely allows agile hardware design, exponentially accelerating solution development and time-to-market. Examples include proprietary RFID protocols, time/temperature indicators, fingerprint sensors, wearable smart patches for healthcare, flexible display drivers, and novel microprocessor architectures.

We also offer a Fab-as-a-Service model that enables secure, dependable, localised semiconductor supply through manufacturing directly on a customer’s site. This highly scalable distributed production allows cost effective, high-volume fabrication of flexible integrated circuits.

Pragmatic is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with our first fab operating in Sedgefield, and a second fab under construction at our new 15-acre Pragmatic Park site in Durham.

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About BSN

Founded in 1988, Baoshen Science & Applied TechnologiesCo. Ltd is one of China’s leading packaging suppliers. Upholding the spirit of innovation and the Belt & Road policy, Baoshen allocate 25% of annual profits for research & development and have invested more than RMB679 million (US$97 million). Baoshen has an annual capacity of 7 billion print items and 1 billion RFID labels. Customers also benefit from using Baoshen’s Information Management System to achieve competitive solutions in multiple market segments. Many of the company’s products and technologies are awarded China’s New High Patents of Invention and Patents for Utility Models.

Baoshen is currently serving more than 500 clients in more than 16 countries, from its headquarters in Guangzhou and production sites in North and South Vietnam.

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