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Highly scalable Flexible IC manufacturing

Highly scalable, distributed manufacturing

Pragmatic offers a highly scalable manufacturing model for cost-effective high-volume production of flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs). FlexLogic® is a fully automated FlexIC fabrication line delivering billions of circuits at a fraction of the capital investment and operating cost of a traditional silicon IC fab.

FlexLogic® includes all of the required process tools to deposit and pattern multiple high-quality material layers, integrated with a robotic wafer handling system inside a self-contained clean environment. Detailed material recipes, end-to-end process flows, in-line quality monitoring and feedback control loops are implemented within the equipment and automation software, to ensure reliable production without operator intervention.

Rapid production time

FlexLogic® supports a remarkable production cycle time of less than 48 hours, compared with several months for a typical silicon fab. Due to its compact footprint and self-contained design, FlexLogic® can be located wherever needed around the globe, allowing agile “just-in-time” IC production to meet changing local demand while minimising inventory costs.

Our first FlexLogic® line is already in operation in Sedgefield, County Durham, with our second line under construction at our new Pragmatic Park site in Durham, and additional lines being planned throughout the world.

Sustainable manufacturing white papers

White Paper 1: Intelligent Low-Carbon Semiconductor Manufacturing

This white paper explains Pragmatic’s world-leading approach to making our semiconductor manufacturing process more sustainable with the help of Industry 4.0 knowhow.

White Paper 2: Life Cycle Analysis of FlexICs

This white paper looks at the life cycle analysis of the FlexIC and explores why low carbon electronics are poised to play a significant role in implementing the ubiquitous Internet of Things.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Benefits of FlexLogic® Manufacturing

Self contained and fully automated

Secure, dependable and highly scalable manufacturing with modular fabs able to be located anywhere in the world

Billions of FlexICs per annum

Each wafer can contain thousands of flexible integrated circuits (ICs), enabling high volume

100x lower capital investment

Compared to conventional silicon semiconductor manufacturing

100x smaller physical footprint

Compared to conventional silicon semiconductor manufacturing, making supply accessible

100x faster production cycle

Delivering made-to-order chips from design to production in just a few days compared to several months with silicon

Agile just-in-time IC production

Ultra-thin, flexible form factor integrated circuits that meet changing local demand whilst minimising inventory costs


Pragmatic reinvents integrated circuit manufacturing for the mass market
Producing ultra-thin and flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) at a fraction of the time and cost of silicon ICs.
An introduction to Pragmatic
Pragmatic is a world leader in ultra-low-cost flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) which extend electronics beyond the realm of traditional silicon ICs.
The next-generation of sustainable flexible electronics
Pragmatic’s unique flexible electronics technology can be leveraged to enable smart reusable packaging at scale.

Key features

– Precise deposition of finely tuned functional materials

– High-yield sub-micron patterning of multiple layers

– Configurable to multiple products and process flows

– Memory programming and functional verification

– Compatible with industry-standard high-speed assembly

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