Introducing PragmatIC Semiconductor

PragmatIC is the global leader in flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs), with a ground-breaking technology platform that revolutionises semiconductor manufacturing. Our FlexICs are thinner than a human hair, flexible enough to embed in almost anything, and dramatically lower cost than silicon chips. In a wide range of electronics markets, FlexICs can replace silicon chips while improving both solution cost and form factor. In addition, they enable electronic functionality in multiple new applications across multiple sectors that would never be possible with silicon.

The addressable market for our integrated circuits is >$10bn, with the potential for trillions of smart items. Our customer base includes global top-tier organisations in multiple market sectors who recognise the immense potential of our unique technology. We inspire designers and innovators to create more extraordinary electronic solutions that improve everyday life for everyone.

Saving time, money, and the planet

Our novel FlexLogIC® fabrication process offers high throughput FlexIC production (billions per year) with a capital expense 100x lower than traditional semiconductor manufacturing. Production cycle time is 25x faster, enabling agile electronics supply chains with “just-in-time” delivery. And in a time when environmental concerns are paramount, our process is also significantly more sustainable with 30x smaller footprint, 100x less energy and water, and 1000x lower CO2e.   

PragmatIC today

PragmatIC was founded in 2010 by Scott White and Richard Price, raising >$150m to date including $90m Series C funding in Q4 2021. We have grown to over 180 staff, headquartered in Cambridge and with our first production fab FlexLogIC-001 in County Durham.

With a strong IP base including over 200 patents worldwide, our technology has proven scalability with >90% production yield.



"I am honoured to be involved with PragmatIC and its talented team of innovators at such an exciting time as they are poised to disrupt the electronics industry as well as the supply side of many consumer goods industries. With an increasing focus on a circular economy and transparent supply chains, PragmatIC is bringing a cost effective and highly scalable solution to market."

Erik Langaker
Chair, Board of Directors
PragmatIC Semiconductor

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Our investors include:

The world’s leading semiconductor IP company with more than 200 billion ARM-based ICs

Material science and manufacturing specialist and the world’s largest RFID inlay company

World leader in packaging for consumer goods with $12.5 billion annual sales

Highly experienced technology investor supporting global category-leading businesses

PragmatIC future

PragmatIC is currently installing its FlexLogIC-002 fab in our new 175,000ft2 PragmatIC Park site in Durham. This will allow us to continue >100% year-on-year sales growth and grow annual capacity to >5 billion FlexICs.

Over the next decade our vision is to deploy over 100 FlexLogIC fabs globally, generating over $1 billion sales with over 1 trillion smart items enabled by PragmatIC’s technology.





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