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Diced FlexICs from wafer

Bringing flexibility to compact electronic device design

Streamline your designs with FlexICs

In the rapidly evolving world of electronics, innovation and efficiency are key to competitive advantage. Flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) are revolutionising electronics design, enabling the creation of slimmer, more versatile, and highly integrated devices.

FlexICs deliver connect, sense and compute capabilities in an ultra-thin, flexible form factor, bringing intelligence where traditional silicon chips are not a viable option.

FlexICs can integrate traditional, bulky components into an ultra-thin SoC (system-on-chip), shrinking and simplifying designs to create lighter, more streamlined products.

Video: Introducing FlexICs

Simplify and miniaturise your designs with ultra-thin, flexible integrated circuits.

→ Rapid production

→ Fast design iteration

→ Sustainable

→ Low cost

FlexIC capabilities

FlexICs integrate standard semiconductor components such as transistors, resistors and capacitors into application-specific custom IC designs. Choose from the capabilities in the box below to build your FlexIC SoC:

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FlexIC capabilities


Food packaging temperature sensor

Consumer electronics

Fitness tracker wearable


Would health consumer interaction

Accelerate design innovation

Our revolutionary foundry service takes your flexible integrated circuits from tape-out to delivery in just four weeks. 48-hour cycle times allow rapid design testing and iteration, accelerating your time to market.

FlexIC innovation

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Design services

From product specification to full FlexIC characterisation, our comprehensive design services can help you find clean, elegant solutions to meet your design challenges. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team.

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Process design kit (PDK)

Our process design kit (PDK) contains devices, models and design rules, giving you everything you need to successfully design for FlexIC technology. It’s also fully compatible with industry-standard electronic design tools.

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