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Pragmatic FlexIC wafer

Webinar: How semiconductors will drive forward the Net Zero transition

How semiconductors will drive forward the Net Zero transition

On May 14th, our Senior Director Design Platform, Dave Verity participated in a webinar panel hosted by TechUK to discuss how semiconductors are decarbonising other industries and how semiconductor technology can propel the Net Zero transition.

The webinar was part of techUK’s dedicated Semiconductor day on thier 2024 Unleashing Innovation Campaign week, exploring the role of Semiconductor technology in sustainability, showing Pragmatic’s pivotal role of semiconductors in the net zero transition and how our unique flexible integrated circuit (FlexIC) technology can support this.

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Our technology

Using thin-film transistor (TFT) technology in combination with conventional semiconductor processing equipment, our state-of-the-art, 300mm FlexIC Foundry® service takes FlexICs from tape-out to delivery in just four weeks, at a fraction of the cost of silicon.

Particularly suited to applications where form factor and cost outweigh speed and performance criteria, FlexICs excel in areas such as unique identification, multiplexing, driver circuitry, and basic computation.