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Pragmatic FlexIC wafer

IOTE Shenzhen 2024

Meet us at IOTE Shenzhen 2024

The IOTE 2024 is the 22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition- in Shenzhen. It is the largest and most comprehensive expo in Asia. It showcases the whole whole industry chain.

Pragmatic’s unique flexible integrated circuit (FlexIC) technology can open up opportunities to add intelligence to low-value products – those that do not need the cutting-edge performance of silicon chips.

Our CEO David Moore, CCO Alastair Hanlon, and Commercial Director Paul Garner-Evans (PG) will be attending IOTE Shenzhen, meeting with customers, partners and industry peers looking to harness the potential of next-generation smart devices. Complete the form below to arrange a meeting!

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Our technology

Using thin-film transistor (TFT) technology in combination with conventional semiconductor processing equipment, our state-of-the-art, 300mm FlexIC Foundry® service takes FlexICs from tape-out to delivery in just four weeks, at a fraction of the cost of silicon.

Particularly suited to applications where form factor and cost outweigh speed and performance criteria, FlexICs excel in areas such as unique identification, multiplexing, driver circuitry, and basic computation.