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Design Services

Enabling rapid turnaround of new designs and prototypes for unique solutions

Our FlexIC Foundry® service is the first in the world to allow innovators to design custom flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) that are thinner than a human hair. Our pioneering unique technology enables the rapid turnaround of new designs and prototypes at a low fixed cost. This combination allows designers to iterate and test their creations within weeks, accelerating the development cycle.

The remarkable short cycle time of our novel foundry offering empowers system architects to optimise their designs for the task at hand, since variants or derivatives can be quickly and cost effectively re-spun. This further reduces the solution cost, as there is no need to design in overhead to accommodate multiple applications.

The core offering of the FlexIC Foundry is a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) process developed from the beginning to target the unique challenges of flexible integrated circuits. Particularly suited to applications where form factor and cost outweigh speed and performance criteria, Flexible ICs fabricated using this process excel in areas such as unique identification, multiplexing, driver circuitry, and basic computation.

Key features of FlexIC Foundry

Flexible ICs with ~30µm thickness

PDK compatible with standard industry EDA tools

Full device library available

Four metal layer stack for efficient interconnects

Standard cell library

Low NRE and fast production cycle time

Discover our highly scalable custom Flexible IC manufacturing