PragmatIC has reinvented electronics for mass market applications. Our unique technology platform delivers ultra-low-cost flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) thinner than a human hair that can easily be embedded into any object.

FlexICs are a fraction of the cost of conventional silicon-based ICs and are perfect for integration onto multiple substrates, including paper, as they require only single layer antennas. This makes these ideal for introducing intelligence and interactivity into everyday items and extends the Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything – ultimately enabling trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments.

PragmatIC works closely with leading industrial partners to ensure that inlay (tag) manufacturers and converters can easily migrate their traditional integration tools and production lines to incorporate our FlexICs. We are developing strong relationships with these partners and are open to new partners.

Our ground breaking ConnectIC family of products are being adopted by global companies across diverse markets, including consumer goods, games, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Each ConnectIC is encoded with a unique identifier at the time of manufacture, so the inlay manufacturer or converter does not have to programme it on their line, speeding up production. All that is required is to associate the unique ID with the product in the database. This can also be achieved at full line speed as our ConnectICs can be read in less than 5ms.


  • Lower cost than conventional silicon ICs        
  • Compatible with existing IC attach systems
  • Simple inlay assembly
  • Full conversion line speed

ConnectIC PR1100 series

  • 13.56 MHz operating frequency
  • 50 kbps typical data rate
  • 16 and 64 bit LPROM total memory
  • Simple readers to minimise total cost