Our ConnectIC® family of flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) is the ideal solution to add connectivity to everyday objects. PragmatIC's unique technology platform delivers FlexICs at the ultra-low cost price point required to add intelligence to products in a wide range of market segments, such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and games. Applications include supply chain traceability, authentication and consumer engagement, enabling brands to build strong and enduring relationships with both suppliers and consumers.

The first products in our ConnectIC range are designed for HF RFID proximity identification applications in which one or more custom readers are incorporated into the solution. The PR1101 enables rapid identification of object series (e.g. SKUs), while the PR1102 supports unique item-level identification.

Key features

  • Ultra-low cost
  • Thin, flexible and robust
  • Fast read times
  • Customisable data format
  • 13.56 MHz operating frequency
  • Integrated energy harvesting
  • Easy to assemble

Key benefits

  • Ideal for integration into mass market items
  • Suitable for paper and plastic inlays
  • Imperceptible within labels and packaging
  • No impact on packaging line speed
  • No battery required to power FlexIC
  • Simple readers to minimise total system cost

Target applications

  • Supply chain traceability
  • Hierarchical identification
  • Authentication
  • Provenance
  • Grey market prevention
  • Consumer engagement
  • Smart shelf and checkout

Target markets

  • Healthcare and medical
  • Circular economy
  • Food and beverages
  • Toys and games
  • Personal and home care
  • Consumables