With PragmatIC's ultra thin, flexible and low cost FlexICs, it is now possible to embed intelligent electronics into high volume everyday items. Our cutting-edge technology opens up a broad range of applications and possibilities, where the cost of silicon ICs was previously a constraint, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects.

Item-level monitoring

Our technology allows item-level digital monitoring through the distribution supply chain, ensuring accurate inventory management.


Our technology enables a new wave of authentication features. The low cost of FlexICs makes it possible to tackle important issues such as counterfeit detection even on high volume everyday items.

Consumer engagement 

Smart packaging enables brands and consumers to connect. Consumers can use their NFC enabled smartphones and tap on smart packaging to access personalised content such as product information and promotional offers - before, during and after purchase. 

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Grey market prevention

Our FlexICs can be used to help prevent goods from being bought in a low-priced country and then sold in another for a higher price.


Our flexible and robust FlexICs are ideal for embedding into toys, cards and games. This makes play interactive in exciting new ways.



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