Create more designs

Our FlexIC Foundry® provides innovative engineers with the opportunity to design custom FlexICs and have them manufactured on our production line. This unique technology platform provides for very rapid turnaround of new designs and prototypes, with significantly lower fixed costs than conventional silicon foundries. Using industry standard EDA tool chains, designers can iterate and test their creations within weeks, massively accelerating the development cycle. Our experienced engineers are on-hand to work with you to ensure you achieve your project goals.

FlexIC Foundry

Create more devices

FlexLogIC® is our highly scalable manufacturing model for cost-effective high-volume production of FlexICs. It is a fully automated, self-contained fabrication line that delivers billions of circuits at a fraction of the capital investment and operating cost of a traditional IC fabs. PragmatIC also works closely with its partners to qualify assembly of its FlexICs using conductive adhesives and high-speed pick-and-place, or flip-chip, machines to produce complete solutions, including RFID/NFC inlays.

FlexLogIC fab

Create more connectivity

Our ConnectIC® family of flexible integrated circuits is the ideal solution for adding connectivity to everyday objects. Designed on our unique technology platform to achieve the ultra-low cost price point required to add intelligence to products in a wide range of market segments, including food and beverages, pharmaceutical and healthcare, personal and home care products, toys and games, and more. Applications include supply chain traceability, authentication, smart shelves and customer engagement, enabling brands to build strong and enduring relationships with both suppliers and consumers.

ConnectIC RFID