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Pragmatic Flexible wafer

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We are world-leaders in semiconductor innovation

Pragmatic has developed an integrated circuit (electronic ‘chip’) platform that doesn’t rely on silicon. Our revolutionary technology uses thin-film semiconductors to create flexible integrated circuits that are thinner than a human hair and are significantly cheaper and faster to produce than silicon chips. This provides a compelling alternative for many mainstream electronics applications, as well as enabling new applications not possible with silicon.

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Less water

Significantly less water used than conventional silicon manufacturing

Less energy

Significantly less energy used than conventional silicon manufacturing

Lower cost

Lower capital expense than conventional silicon manufacturing


Total funding raised to date from outstanding investors

Vision and Values

Our vision is a world where everyone everywhere will touch our technology throughout their everyday lives. At Pragmatic, we all live by six core values from aspiration to respect.

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Executive leadership

Our executive leadership team comprises of highly experienced individuals, with proven track records of inspiring innovation, bringing cutting-edge technology to market and accelerating growth.

Executive leadership

Board of Directors

We are fortunate to be supported by a board of directors comprising experts from across multiple industry segments, with invaluable insights and knowledge to help us formulate our business strategy and growth plans.

Board of Directors


We are driven by our goals to operate sustainably and responsibly for all our stakeholders. We strive to ensure everything we do will preserve and protect our environment, care and include our people, and be fair and trusted as an organisation.

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We are a member of several industry associations and collaborate with partners to advance the development and adoption of novel technology. We are always looking for partners to work with us to bring exciting, innovative solutions to market. If you share this, get in touch with our team today.

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We demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing and business process integrity by ensuring that we always adhere to the highest possible standards. We drive continuous improvement using a variety of tools and approaches, with clear communication both internally and externally.

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We have three UK locations; our HQ located in Cambridge, our R&D and production facility located in Sedgefield, and our new 60,000m2 manufacturing facility, Pragmatic Park located in Durham. Our 300 employees work across the three locations.

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Cambridge Science Park

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