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Smart sensing solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming human and digital decision-making, providing the data to tackle complex problems and optimise critical workflows.

Smart sensors – underpinned by FlexIC technology – are a vital component of the IoT, monitoring diverse parameters and helping to improve productivity, streamline processes or reduce costs.

Application of these smart sensing solutions spans a vast range of use cases and sectors, from temperature and humidity tracking in smart agriculture, to heart monitoring for wearable technology and motion detection in home and business security systems.   

How do you teach a computer to smell?

Discover the world’s first e-nose sensor system developed on flexible substrate.

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Nature: Malodour classification with low-cost flexible electronics

Body malodour measurement methods are currently manual, time consuming and
costly, requiring an expert panel of assessors.

This paper proposes a technology-based solution to automate this task by developing a custom-designed malodour score classification system comprising an electronic nose sensor array, a sensor readout interface and a machine learning hardware fabricated on low-cost flexible substrates.

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