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NFC and RFID have already shown compelling results in retail apparel, being successfully deployed on over 10 billion items per annum, with better stock accuracy leading to improved sales and profit. Pragmatic’s ultra-low cost technology allows retailers involved in fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), including food, beverages, personal and home products to benefit from item-level traceability, as well as boosting brand loyalty by enabling direct consumer engagement.

Smart packaging enables brands and consumers to connect. Consumers can use their NFC enabled smartphones and tap on smart packaging to access personalised content such as product information and promotional offers – before, during and after purchase.

Transitioning to smart reusable packaging

Smart reusable packaging

As concern mounts around the environmental impact of packaging, the pressure is on for manufacturers to move to reusable models.

Smart reusable packaging

Enabling product track and trace

Product track and trace

As distribution operations become increasingly complex, real-time, item-level visibility becomes ever more important.

Track and trace

Advancing product authentication

Advancing product authentication

Commercial-scale counterfeiting costs businesses trillions of dollars each year. But beyond financial loss, counterfeiting also undermines trust.

Product authentication

How can RFID help brands stay connected in the changing retail landscape?

Discover how advances in RFID and flexible electronics can play a huge role in the new retail landscape, connecting with consumers.

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Making reusable packaging at scale a reality

Adopting reusable packaging for fast moving consumer goods creates a huge opportunity to keep valuable resources in circulation for as long as possible before the need to be recycled.

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Creating a more sustainable future

We are proud to be involved in a range of circular economy projects leveraging our cutting-edge flexible electronics including our next-generation Deposit Reward Scheme.

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