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Commercial-scale counterfeiting costs businesses trillions of dollars each year1. But beyond financial loss, counterfeiting also undermines trust and – in the case of foodstuffs and medicine – poses a real risk to consumer health. The ability to track, verify and maintain security of goods as they make their way through the supply chain is vital. But, due to cost, digital authentication has typically been reserved for high-value items.  

Pragmatic supports brand protection every step of the way with FlexICs, our ultra-low-cost, flexible integrated circuits that make it quick and easy to embed intelligence almost anywhere.

Advancing product authentication

Durable and shock resistant, with a lower environmental footprint than traditional chips, FlexICs underpin RFID-based smart solutions to provide item-level traceability – and a compelling opportunity to make widescale, low-cost authentication a reality.

Discover application-specific challenges and solutions, watch our animation and download our application spotlight PDF.

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Wine Authentication

Simply intelligent, verifying identities

Our technology enables a new wave of authentication features. The ultra-thin and ultra-low-cost nature of our Flexible ICs makes it possible to tackle important issues such as counterfeit detection even on high volume everyday items. Thinner than a human hair, our chips are able to be embedded in almost anything, bringing connectivity and intelligence to authenticate items and identify counterfeit goods.

Pragmatic medication

How RFID could help tackle counterfeiting and grey market diversion

RFID and intelligent electronics have the potential to make a real difference in confronting the challenges posed by counterfeiting and the grey market.

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Great market

1 U.S. Intellectual Property and Counterfeit Goods— Landscape Review of Existing/Emerging Research, 2020 

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