“Our company aspiration is simple: to enable as many innovative people as possible to design and manufacture products that solve the global problems we face everyday. As a team, we are enthusiastic about everything we do and work hard towards ambitious targets to improve the world by enabling a dramatically new approach to electronics that opens up markets not accessible with conventional semiconductor devices.”– Scott White, CEO

Creating a more sustainable future 

In all that we do, we endeavour to be a force for good that creates long-term value for all our stakeholders. This includes innovating both in terms of the products we offer and in their manufacturing such that we have a positive impact on everything and everyone around us. We look to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide us.

Creating a more sustainable future for our descendants is not a simple task, it will require a wide range of innovations, some of which we have not even thought about yet. We strive to engage with thought leaders that generate novel ways of using our technology to deliver solutions and we continue to be excited about the possibilities ahead. Here we outline just a few of the areas in which we are already making progress.

Creating a more circular economy 

We want our technology to make a positive contribution to ensuring that our planet's valuable resources are re-used. We are excited to enable multiple applications that give consumers rewards wherever and whenever. Smart bins at-home and on-the-go, that complement Deposit Return Schemes (DRSs), to improve recycling outcomes.

We also enable re-use and re-fill models, which are key in reducing the amount of packaging used.

And it doesn't stop at the bin - by improving the quality of the recyclate from material recovery facilities, we will ensure more packaging can be returned back to its original purpose rather than being down-cycled, used for energy-to-waste or landfilled. We are also proud that our technology is being used to enable tracking of goods to ensure that they are sent to the recovery facilities and ensure that illegal tipping is reduced.

Creating more traceability

ConnectIC® RFID FlexIC devices enable mass-market item-level track and trace, which ensures:

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Authenticity and anti-counterfeit
  • Grey market prevention
  • Retail loss prevention

And many more applications: by adding item level unique IDs it is possible to activate multiple touch points that can be linked to positive outcomes, reducing waste and unnecessary product miles. 

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Creating more sustainable agriculture

Food poverty is a major global problem, and by reducing our own waste we can contribute the maximum to helping others. To do this we need to monitor and protect food, from farm to fork. Our technology is being used to verify and authenticate cold chains, combined with novel sensors. As well as improving resource utilisation, this also promotes consumer awareness of provenance and animal welfare. And by removing the need for destructive in-line testing and conservative use-by dates, we can assure consumers that their food is safe while simultaneously reducing the packaging and food miles associated with products that would otherwise be discarded.

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It's not just about what we do....

It is also about how we do it. We are proud to say that we demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing and business process integrity by ensuring that we always adhere to the highest possible standards. All our sites are certified to the following international standards: ISO 9001:2015, Quality management and ISO 14001:2015, Environmental management. 

ISO 14001 is the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).  It was designed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to help businesses and other organisations to reduce their environmental impact, following increasing pressure from customers, regulators and governments. The fact we have accreditation to this standard is a testament of our commitment to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and cut waste management costs throughout all our processes. 

Creating net zero semiconductor production

Our FlexLogIC® semiconductor manufacturing system is already industry leading in terms of sustainability in comparison to traditional silicon processing: 

  • 100x lower energy consumption
  • 100x lower water consumption
  • 1000x lower CO2e

We will continue to improve the environmental footprint of our FlexLogIC fab-in-a-box, and have set our Race to Zero target as overall net zero emissions by 2030 even while scaling to trillions of smart objects!

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