Our partners

PragmatIC works with a wide variety of industry experts to bring our ground-breaking technology to market.

“Our collaboration with PragmatIC presents a promising opportunity to build on our RFID inlay manufacturing capabilities. With PragmatIC's technology, there is the potential to extend the use of unique item-level digital identities to improve consumer experiences in new sectors."

Avery Dennison
Francisco Melo, VP, Global RFID

“Combining PragmatIC’s novel flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) with our printed antennas on low cost substrates will bring significant advantages for customers who want to add RFID and NFC to a more diverse range of inexpensive everyday products."

Alan Wu, CEO

PragmatIC are the first company to bring flexible electronics to market at the price level previously unavailable for smart packaging technologies, and thanks to that we are able to drive interactivity into a broader range of high volume consumer goods than ever before."

Talkin' Things
Marcin Pilarz, CEO

“We see growing demand in Asia for solutions to protect brands and consumers from counterfeit products. PragmatIC’s ultra-low-cost technology will enable us to roll out solutions to a much wider range of market segments than possible with conventional electronics.”

Philip Calderbank, RFID Consultant

"PragmatIC’s unique solutions enable us to add connectivity and intelligence to a wide variety of products. We are developing innovative smart labels for packaging and multiple device types that will improve usability and safety for both patients and healthcare professionals."

Schreiner MediPharm
Dr Thomas Schweizer, President

“We see PragmatIC’s innovative flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) as a key enabler for the adoption of RFID in mass market applications and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to deliver robust and durable RFID products at a fraction of current inlay costs.”

Gerald Niklas, Business Development Manager Automation